tour de fleece 2022

You are four days into tour de fleece, and you find you can”t spend every moment in front of your wheel.

I want to hurry and get this post out to you so it gets right to the point. Try spinning with a support spindle as a passenger in a car or waiting for an appointment. I love support spindles because you don’t have to carry anything heavy or bulky. You also don’t have to stand to allow room for the spindle to fall as you spin the fibre.

Here is a free video you can download and start watching right now.

Happy spinning,


You Can Do This!

You admire support spindles not only for how they look but also for how relaxing the atmosphere is as you watch someone spin with one. Be that someone.

Here is free video Click here

Room To Grow

Cedar Planter Boxes

The planter boxes are almost ready. Just need a liner and some good soil. Also, we will have gravel spread around the outside of the boxes. They already look amazing!

In the meantime I have been growing plants in the green house. I started at the end of February. You can watch videos and read posts on Instagram at Here are a few pics I posted earlier this month.

Nasturtiums & Sweet Peas

You might be asking yourself what does growing plants have to do with support spindles and fibre. Well, sometimes I love to spin fibre that is in its natural colour. I spin up a good amount on my support spindle, ply on my wheel, and then dip my handspun bare yarn in to a bath made from the flowers and plants I grew from my garden. That is the plan.
As well I have been teaching more classes on how to use a support spindle. If you want to learn or have a friend who is interested in learning how to spin ( I’ve been told I have a lot of patience and would love to see you and them succeed. Here is a recent review…

I hope your day has you planting and spinning in a good way 😉