Dyeing Silk With Walnuts

While I was dyeing some cheviot with dye from walnuts I decided to throw a few silk hankies in to the dye bath too.

Silk Dyed With Walnuts

Modifiers I used were cream of tartar, iron, citric acid, and soda ash to get the different colours. I have to say I am pleased with all the colours.

Here are the results from using a cheviot combed top as well.

OAQFF Walnut Dyed Cheviot

I used all the same modifiers as listed above. I don’t plan on spinning these colours all into one skein of handspun yarn but they would look nice in a Fade colour scheme.

For the silk, I think I would knit with the silk and not spin it beforehand. To do this you put your fingers into the middle of the hankie and pull it apart till it breaks.

Then you keep pulling till you get the desired width of silk you want to knit with. To store the silk I wind the silk around a toilet paper roll.

Now I am all set to start knitting with it. A shawl made from silk will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer; one knitted garment you can wear all year round.



My New Addition

For my birthday I received three amazing books on natural dyeing. The Wild Dyer by Abigail Booth and Botanical Colour at your Fingertips.

OAQFF Dyers Library

I love the items the authors have chosen to dye with, but both authors dye with cellulose fibres in these books. I thought, why don’t I step up to the plate and be the creator who dyes the same items (if available) with wool (combed top, to be exact)? …I thought you would agree.

I will be dyeing with substantive dyes (dyes that contain tannins. Here is my list of available sources:

  • Avocado stones and pits
  • Pomegranate skins
  • Red onion skins
  • Black Tea

All these items listed above produce a color fast dye that I think will produce the best results. Right now I have lots of tea and I might use coffee too.

The other book in my collection has me looking forward to windy days so the lichen can fall from the trees. I have so much to learn about this resource for dyeing.

Well, that wraps up today’s post. I just put my combed top dyed with black hollyhocks outside to dry, and I want to share the results with you right now, but ill wait till the wool is dry and braided. Make sure you click the Follow button to get a notification of when I share those results.