Pumpkin Patch Organic Mini-Skein Set


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There is no other feeling like it; dyeing yarn with natural dyes makes me feel good!
Most of these mini-skeins I dyed from plants I planted (from seed) last March in my greenhouse.
These mini skeins contain a certified organic superwash merino/Nylon (80/20) yarn and natural dyes. The weight of each mini skein is 25 grams. Each set is 100 grams. The yarn is three-ply, and I recommend a needle size of 2mm to 2.5mm.
All natural and commercial dyes fade over time. To preserve the colour of your naturally dyed yarn/ garment, store out of sunlight in an airtight container (I keep all my handmade items in a ziplock plastic container) when not being worn and waAll Productssh with a gentle no-rinse, ph neutral wool wash in cold – lukewarm water—dry flat.

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