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This set of combed tops weighs 196g (6.9 oz) and will have you all set to create something luxurious. This combed top contains 100% Bluefaced Leicester and Cheviot.

The golden honey and ox colours are bluefaced Leicester, and the lullaby pink and orchid are cheviots.  The golden honey weighs 37g, and the ox weighs 57g.   This lullaby pink weighs 46g, and the orchid weighs 56g.  Both of these fibres work very well together. You have the smooth feel of the blue-faced Leicester and the boorish feel of the Cheviot.

All the fibre is dyed in a smoke-free home. The dye used was eastern Brazilwood extract, also known as sappanwood.  Brazilwood is from the heartwood of trees of the genus Caesalpinia. Originally an old-world dye, the country of Brazil was named after the species Cæsalpinia echinata found on Brazilian coastlines. Historically harvested (then overharvested), brazilwood is now protected.

You can have endless fun with this set of combed tops!  Watch my reels on Instagram and see how I used a diz to create some blended combed tops, a drum carder, and some hand carders to create mini rolags using all these colours.

To care for your finished spun item, I recommend hand washing with a delicate soap like Eucalan delicate wash or Unicorn fibre wash and laying it flat to dry.  I cannot guarantee that the colour will not shift if you use any other product to wash your handspun yarn.  Also, use only COLD WATER at all times.  The big difference with using natural dyes instead of chemical dyes is how water can impact the colour of the fibre, so I cannot stress this enough to use cold water.

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Happy Spinning!

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Weight 210 g
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 8 cm


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