Support Spindle

Tools are so crucial to a spinner that they have to have characteristics that make you’re spinning a breeze.
I love being able to store my spun fibre on a Turkish spindle. So I decided to combine the best of both worlds and develop a support spindle that can be used as a support and a Turkish spindle. This support spindle has a point at the bottom of the shaft and spins beautifully. The thin tip of the shaft makes the spinning effortlessly easily.

Each support spindle weighs 24g (15g for arms and 9g for shaft). The arms measure 4” long x 7/8” wide. The shaft measures 7.75” long. The spindles are made from 3D-printed PLA.

Come on an adventure with me as I plant seeds, care for the colourful flowers over the summer on Vancouver Island, and harvest the flowers in the autumn to make a dye bath that can be used to dye yarn and combed tops during the winter and the early spring months.

Dyeing wool & silk using eastern Brazilwood are the materials I chose to dye with when I used silk hankies for my silk.  These silk hankies are curing right now, but I can’t wait to spin them on my support spindles if I can grab one before they are sold.

I’m also getting some combed tops ready to list in the shop soon.  I can’t get over this green! Subscribe to this website so you get all my future notifications.

This tool will have you spinning quickly, and I look forward to seeing your pretty turtles.


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