Botanical Dye Kits

Botanical Dye Kit… Embrace a touch of last summer.

I have kits available that will supply you with mordanted fingering weight yarn (3 25g mini skeins) and 10g of dried flowers (from my garden) to dye your first skein of yarn.
The steps outlined in the kit are straightforward. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. So you provide the glass jar, and I will give the rest.

When you receive your botanical dye kit, you will find three pre-mordanted skeins of yarn, three pouches of dried flowers, and an instruction manual. All you have to provide is the glass jar.  I bought mine on Amazon.

Make sure you join my community of natural dyers too!  I have a Facebook group called Grow Flowers to Dye Yarn and an Instagram group called lets_dye_with_our_kits.  Here we can share the results from using our botanical dye kits and if you have any questions, you can get a hold of me here.

It’s now April, and the last of my mini skeins are available; I only have two botanical dye kits left!  I have plenty of dried flowers, so if you want more, please let me know, and I’d love to send you some.  I think my favourite has been the Hopi sunflowers seeds.  I made sure I planted more of those this past week.  The weather here in the Cowichan Valley has been much more relaxed than last spring.  Last year I started plating at the end of February; this year, it was last week in the middle of April.  I know this won’t be a problem for inventory, as I always reseed after the first blooms arrive.

Well, enjoy your kit.


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