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Fauxlags (Superwash Merino 19.5 Micron 56g)

What is a fauxlag? They are a hollow tube of fiber.

When it comes to spinning with a support spindle it is very important for your fibres to glide past each other.

For your fibres to glide they need air.
I’m sure you have bought a combed top that had been packaged for a long time. When you started spinning with the fibre you were unable to glide the fibres to your support spindle with ease; creating breakage and dense material.

Well these fauxlags will create a very positive experience.

As you draft one end of the tube the fibers will glide past each other and create a semi-woolen single.

These superwash merino (19.5 Micron) fauxlags (56g) are created in a colour gradient formation. These spun up would make an exquisite lace shawl.

All my materials are dyed by myself with professional acid dyes. My products are made in a smoke free home.

I was introduced to support spinning at a fibre show over 10 years ago. As I practiced I discovered that this tool has become my form of meditation. It’s just me, my spindle and fibre that I can take any where and do any where.

Happy Spinning