Here’s a Pumpkin Patch Colour Way that you’ll love.

Hand dyed by me with flowers and plants from my garden.

Pumpkin Patch Botanical Yarn

I used marigolds, St. John’s Wart, Madder, and Japanese indigo. All but the madder root was from my garden as I have some growing, but it takes two to three years to mature.

You can find these mini skein sets at my Etsy shop. I only have three available (one set has four mini skeins). The rest have three.



Reason To Celebrate!

The brand new mini skeins are now listed in my shop!

I have to tell you, this shop update means so much more to me than just listing yarn in a shop.

Year’s ago (like we’re talking 2009 I started experimenting with natural dyes. I had an idea of growing my own plants to dye yarn with but guess what I did…I listened to everyone else and was told that natural dyed yarns don’t sell. In a way, I regret that decision very much because I didn’t follow my heart, and; instead, I feel like that is time now wasted (think what I could have learned in 13 years). I know saying time wasted is harsh because we always learn from our mistakes, and I went on to dye combed top, and now I have some wonderful customers who have become good friends.. I just wanted to share what is in my head this morning without giving much thought to editing what I say.

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram I started a shop update countdown yesterday and now it’s active. I started a shortage sock myself with a sock mini skein set.

Start of a sock by Keli

Happy knitting or crocheting.


Don’t Miss July 15th!

My only regret is that I didn’t make more! This Friday, organic sock yarn dyed with flowers from my garden and plant extracts will be available in my Etsy shop.

Here is some sneak peeks into my limited colour ways.

This yarn is superwash with nylon and is certified organic. Perfect for all your sock knitting as it’s fingering weight yarn.

Happy Knitting and crocheting,