Results Are In!


When I first saw results from black hollyhocks, I was disappointed because I thought the results resembled my lupin experiment. Boy, was I wrong!

Look at the difference! Lipin results cast more of a yellow, and hollyhocks cast more of a peach colour. I have to say my two favourites so far are butter yellow from lupins and mushroom taupe from hollyhocks.

Next week I will be dyeing with an extract to make all these colours pop. Click the Follow button to get a notification as I can’t tell you right now what day that will be.



Black Holly Hocks

Next Up Black Hollyhocks

This afternoon I gathered thirteen grams of black Hollyhocks and have been simmering them for two hours. I can’t wait to see the colour tomorrow morning.

My method of simmering plants.

Look at the colour of my fingers!

Just from picking petals off!

I also was harvesting my sunflowers this morning. Check out my video. I can’t wait to share this experiment with you as well. I have to wait for the seed heads to dry before removing the seeds.

Now time to go check on that simmering “brew”.