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A Day Without Facebook & Instagram

A Day Without Facebook & Instagram

Just when I thought having a blog was so redundant with my other social media sites I was proven so wrong today! There is no way I can share the exciting news with you on Instagram but I can share it here in this blog post. 

This past weekend I read over emails that I had received from followers/customers and it seems there is a want for Fibre Bits and Twin Batt sets (gradient in particular).   

As of today you have the option to receive these items and so much more:  

  • 112g of Fibre Bits and 112g Twin Batt set. That is 8oz of fibre to spin to your hearts content.
  • Show & Tell - Let’s show off our handspun and get a lesson on using your spindle over Zoom once a month.
  • Be member of our private Facebook group.
  • Posts and messages
  • Receive early notifications of Fibre Bits Club seasonal events: Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Canada Day, Thanksgiving, and Advent For The Holidays.
  • Event Coupon Codes for discounts.
  • Turkish Spindle made by me. 
  • On A Quest For Fibre Mug.

 Go to https://www.patreon.com/onaquestforfibre and sign up today.

***You will be signing up one month in advance to receive your fibre. For example, if you sign up today (October 4th) your package will be  mailed November 15th.



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