Logwood, Chlorophyllin, &…

botanical dyed combed top

Chlorophyllin, Logwood, Cochineal, and Madder Root. Remember these braids of fibre and yarn I dyed? Well, here they are, a couple of weeks after I let them cure. I then washed them in a ph neutral soap and dried them.

Logwood Dyed Combed Top Results


To create the different colours using the logwood dye extract I used crushed up Tums and soda ash as my modifiers.


To create the different colours using the Chlorophyllin dye extract, I immediately made a depth of shade that would yield a highly saturated colour. Then, when I added a second amount of combed top, the colour was less saturated, and on the final addition of combed top, the saturation was very light.

OAQFF Madder Root, Chlorophyllin, and Logwood

Here are the mini skeins I also threw in the dye baths. The mini skein on the far left was dyed with madder root extract and citric acid as the modifier. The second mini skein from the right was dyed using soda ash as the modifier.


I thought I would create a video of my current botanically dyed, cured, and washed wool inventory.

Chlorophyllin Combo

My Patreon decided to grab these three braids as a colour combo and picked them up last Saturday. The three braids were dyed with Chlorophyllin, Logwood, and Madder Root. I can’t wait to see them spun up.

Patreon Pick of The Month

Start A Project

I also started knitting a shawl called The Age of Brass and Steam and spun up the three braids shown in the video into a 2ply fractal yarn.

Botanical Handspun Fractal Yarn

Here is my progress so far…

OAQFF Handspun Botanical Yarn

I can now wash all my dyed wool and silk from last week’s dyeing experiment using eastern Brazilwood. I can’t wait to knit with the silk!



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