The Results Are In!

I finished spinning up one of the braids I dyed with Hopi Sunflower seeds.

Hopi Handspun Yarn


This braid is blue-faced Leicester and is combed top, not roving. What is the difference between roving and combed tops, you ask? Combed top the fibres are all combed, so they are parallel. Roving the fibres are not combed and rather carded, which leaves the fibre going every which way.

Set Up To Spin

I separated the braid into three distinct colours. One was gray, purple-gray, and one was a coral, pink, and lilac blend. I then combined these three piles into two piles of the same weight so that I could fill two bobbins with the same weight of fibre. These two bobbins would produce a two-ply yarn. If I wanted a three-ply I separate the fibre into three piles of the same weight of yarn and then spin each pile onto a separate bobbin. This would guarantee that I would be left with very little spun fibre when I went to ply my spun singles. Using my Ladybug wheel I started spinning clockwise, and each bobbin got approximately half full.

Dividing combed top


Once I had spun all the fibre onto the two bobbins, it was time to ply. To ply, I set up my lazy kate and grabbed a new bobbin. Now it was time to spin, but instead of clockwise, I would be spinning counterclockwise. I managed to have very little fibre left over! I was thrilled; amazing the little things that make my day special. Once I have plied it, I then put it on a niddy-noddy to make a skein of yarn. Once done, I tie it in three places to keep the skein from becoming a big tangled mess in the soaking process.

Not much left over!

Setting The Twist

Setting the twist means soaking your spun yarn to allow the twist to relax. This is where the magic happens in producing a puffy squishy yarn. I let my yarn soak in cold water for about an hour. Really, I soak it and then I forget about it. Next time I see it I note the time and then take it out of the sink. I wring it out in my spinner so it’s just damp and then hang it dry.

A Good Soak

Picture Time

I take all my pictures outside in one spot in my backyard. I even have a certain time of day I take the pictures based on where the sun is (f there is sunshine).


Now comes the part of deciding what this skein will be. Do I make some handspun socks, knit the skein of yarn into a yoke for a sweater, add it to a shawl, or let it rest in my basket and admire it? I’d love to know what you think I should make with this skein of yarn. Please comment below, and if you liked this post, please give me a Like.

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