Mystery Plants

I discovered some amazing plants in my backyard but I don’t know what they are. Can you help me?

Thy are all doing very well! I bought the seeds from Grand Prismatic Seed. I would highly recommend their seeds.

Sand Dock?
No idea.
No idea.

I looked at my list of seeds from this year, and the sources I can’t identify are Sand Dock, Murasaki, and Soapwort. Do you think you can match seeds to actual plant?

Oh, I also got those bobbins plied into a skein of yarn. It reminds me of oatmeal in pjs. It’s a 2ply sport weight, and the wool is Cheviot. This would be great for mittens, socks or an outerwear cardigan (use it in colour work).

Botanical Dyed Handspun Yarn

So that’s it for today’s blog post. My plants are calling me to start creating some dye baths; I will wait. I think today is a good day to bake up some muffins. I can’t resist a good wholesome baked good with a cup of coffee around 10:30 in the morning.



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