Bobbins Are Full

Sponning All This Cheviot

I separated these four braids of the combed top into two piles: orange and multi-coloured orange and pink onto one bobbin and then pink and multi-blue and yellow onto the other bobbin. Some I spun forward draw, and some I spin long draw. I LOVE long draw!

Spinning On My Ladybug 🐞

Here are both braids spun into one bobbin. I love how the colour I got from sunflower seeds casts an ox colour onto the fibre. The hibiscus actually cast a blue colour! I said yesterday the hibiscus produced a pink but I was wrong.

One Bobbin Complete

I don’t have a picture of the other bobbin, but to describe it, I’d say it has earthy tones.

Well that is it for today. It is Sunday, so I am heading out to pick some of the last flowers that continue to bloom in zone 7 (gardening term); cosmos and coreopsis.



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