Journey To Perfection

I have tried for so long to dye combed top with plants.

I get frustrated dyeing with a combed top. My issues have been felting and the dye not penetrating the colour deep enough. I end up returning to dyeing yarn with natural dyes…My heart is so with an undyed combed top as I am a spinner. I love to spin with a supported spindle.

These past few days, I have been dyeing Cheviot with some fresh hibiscus flowers, marigolds, tango cosmos, and some sunflower seeds, all from my garden.

Tango Cosmo
Hopi Sunflower

Here is a video of my fibre soaking in the dye from the flowers. https://youtube.com/shorts/k0lrNySFgeA?feature=share I used alum and cream of tartar for my mordants. I kept most of the smaller flowers and seeds separate from the fibre.

I have to say I’m pleased with the results. I created a Fade fit Fall. From orange to pink to spots of violet, I can’t wait for this to dry so I can start spinning on my wheel. If spinning is not your thing I also have DIY Dye Kits that are great for beginners to dye yarn with.

Today I have to dye Day 11 of my Advent Fibre Bits Club. Hello Autumn Fibre Bits club is complete, and I’ll start packaging and sending them out next week. 😊

Well time to get my morning coffee as it’s 6:12am and everyone is still fast asleep in my house; best tome for me to write.



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