Reason To Celebrate!

The brand new mini skeins are now listed in my shop!

I have to tell you, this shop update means so much more to me than just listing yarn in a shop.

Year’s ago (like we’re talking 2009 I started experimenting with natural dyes. I had an idea of growing my own plants to dye yarn with but guess what I did…I listened to everyone else and was told that natural dyed yarns don’t sell. In a way, I regret that decision very much because I didn’t follow my heart, and; instead, I feel like that is time now wasted (think what I could have learned in 13 years). I know saying time wasted is harsh because we always learn from our mistakes, and I went on to dye combed top, and now I have some wonderful customers who have become good friends.. I just wanted to share what is in my head this morning without giving much thought to editing what I say.

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram I started a shop update countdown yesterday and now it’s active. I started a shortage sock myself with a sock mini skein set.

Start of a sock by Keli

Happy knitting or crocheting.


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