Half Way There!

We are almost halfway through 2022 and I need to…

gather up all my current projects and make a plan to get them DONE! Currently, I have on the go these older projects that I started in 2022:

Budding Vines Cowl using my organic sock yarn (dyed with botanical dyes).

On A Quest For Fibre – Organic Sock Yarn Base Dyed With Botanical Dyes

Next up are my mittens by Code Of Mittens. I am using Drops Design Flora in colours dark grey (05) and white (02).

Latvian Mittens

Mini skein bundles are one of my favourites; I find them so versatile. Currently, I am using some in the Triangulum Blanket.

Triangulum Blanket by Craft House Magic

So there you go; you now know what I need to concentrate on. ☺️

Oh, but wait, check back next week to see my spinning projects. This dyed fibre is my latest addition to my stash, and after posting an idea on Instagram, I’ll be starting the idea next week.

On A Quest For Fibre Dyed Polwarth Combed Top


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  1. I have created a calendar spreadsheet where I list all my current WIPs as a way to keep them “in front of me”. If they are in project bags I can easily forget what’s inside. But if the names of the projects are listed on my daily calendar there is no ignoring them. It’s also a way to make sure I don’t have more then 5 WIPS as that’s how many lines I have on my calendar days. :;

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