Room To Grow

Cedar Planter Boxes

The planter boxes are almost ready. Just need a liner and some good soil. Also, we will have gravel spread around the outside of the boxes. They already look amazing!

In the meantime I have been growing plants in the green house. I started at the end of February. You can watch videos and read posts on Instagram at https://bit.ly/3iXSNPW Here are a few pics I posted earlier this month.

Nasturtiums & Sweet Peas

You might be asking yourself what does growing plants have to do with support spindles and fibre. Well, sometimes I love to spin fibre that is in its natural colour. I spin up a good amount on my support spindle, ply on my wheel, and then dip my handspun bare yarn in to a bath made from the flowers and plants I grew from my garden. That is the plan.
As well I have been teaching more classes on how to use a support spindle. If you want to learn or have a friend who is interested in learning how to spin (https://etsy.me/3u6HtHr) I’ve been told I have a lot of patience and would love to see you and them succeed. Here is a recent review…

I hope your day has you planting and spinning in a good way 😉

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