Today was all about experimenting with Blue faced Leicester combed top, organic Superwash merino/nylon (yes there is such a thing) yarn, and pomegranate extract (from Maiwa). I used alum as my mordant. My modifiers were cream of tarter, iron, and ammonia.

Biggest tip I can pass on to you when working with combed top is to use a low heat. You can’t rush this process either or you will end up with a felted mess; ask me how I know. Ph strips come in very handy when taking notes to replicate a colour. I used one when I used the ammonia. The other modifiers were all weighed in grams; most were at 2-5% weight of fibre.

Here are some early peeks at the dye baths. So far it looks like a greyish green and a butter yellow. However, after sitting over nite and then rinsing I may end up with some variations. These bundles of combed top may not catch your eye as is but in a gradient batt I’m sure they will catch your eye.

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Happy Spinning!


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