Join As A Patreon

Being a Patreon at On A Quest For Fibre is more then a monthly subscription; it is about community!

I want you to be a part of the whole process of making your batts, fibre bits, hand dyed fibre, and yarn.

  • I want you to see the seeds being planted in the Spring.
  • I want to take you into the forest on Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada and with me we will discover plants and mushrooms for dyeing.
  • I want to dye these plant materials with assorted fibre and let you see the colours being created Live.
  • I want you to pick your favorite colours for batts and fibre bits.
  • I want you to feel comfortable using a spindle and I’m here to help you!
  • I want you to succeed at designing your first sock pattern if your heart takes you in that direction.

Most of all I want you to have a love for the fibre arts.

Here is the link to sign up today.

Published by Keli

I teach people how to use a support spindle and how to dye fibre with plants from my garden.

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