“Flowers are like friends; they bring colour to your world.”

Come on an adventure with me as I plant seeds, care for the colourful flowers over the summer on Vancouver Island, and harvest the flowers in the autumn to make a dye bath that can be used to dye yarn and combed tops during the winter and the early spring months.

Watch me plant seeds and grow flowers…

Fibre Luxe Squad

I never thought about it; I just knew people enjoyed my spinning class. Over the past two years, I just did it on the side and found other interests, like dyeing with flowers from my garden. However… After getting away on a trip to visit family, I could reflect on what you enjoy and what…

Price Change!

Check it out! Till next time, happy spinning, knitting, or crocheting. 😊 -Keli

Shop Update

Combed Top Today I gathered up all that combed top dyed with eastern Brazilwood. It is almost 200g! You can try dyeing with these colours using different modifiers such as soda ash, citric acid, and iron. Colour changes are what I love about dyeing with materials found in nature. Mini-Skein Sets Check out my organic…

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