Learn How to Grow, Harvest, and Dye Wool With Plants From My Garden. Simple tips for people looking to dye with natural dyes, and dye more sustainably.


  • Madder & Marigolds

    I used yarn dyed with madder root extract and eco-dyed yarn with marigolds. What I love about naturally dyed yarns is that all colours go together; some just pop more than others. Here is red yarn and yarn with yellows and green speckles. I have since soaked and blocked the cowl, and I will show … Continue reading “Madder & Marigolds”

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  • Lupin Leaves

    My experiment dyeing combed top with Lupin leaves.

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  • Mystery Plants

    I discovered some amazing plants in my backyard but I don’t know what they are. Can you help me? Thy are all doing very well! I bought the seeds from Grand Prismatic Seed. I would highly recommend their seeds. I looked at my list of seeds from this year, and the sources I can’t identify … Continue reading “Mystery Plants”

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  • Bobbins Are Full

    I separated these four braids of the combed top into two piles: orange and multi-coloured orange and pink onto one bobbin and then pink and multi-blue and yellow onto the other bobbin. Some I spun forward draw, and some I spin long draw. I LOVE long draw!

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